Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Porno show shock - Ganate apologises over naked pictures at premiers’ summit

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Province Government, Fred Ganate, has apologised to premiers after pornographic pictures came on in a slide presentation he was showing them.

This happened on the first day of the Premiers’ Conference on Monday at Lata, Temotu.

A Government source attending the conference said Mr Ganate apologised to the premiers on Tuesday, but denied he’s in possession of pornographic materials.

“The pictures were actually stored in a flash drive and police have already confiscated it,” the source said.

Mr Ganate, who was chairman of the conference, was stood down as a result of the incident, which sparked anger at the conference.

The source said the premiers accepted Mr Ganate’s apology, but Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua, who was there to open the conference, reportedly suspended Mr Ganate.

Mr Ganate was giving the power point presentation in front of all premiers when the pornographic photos of a local female showed up.

The presentation was a recap on the communiqué reached in last year’s conference in Renbel.

Mr Ganate was still in Lata yesterday and attempts to get his comments were unsuccessful.

Late police are investigating the incident.Meanwhile, the Opposition on Tuesday described the incident as “regrettably embarrassing”.

And acting Opposition leader Japhet Waipora called for a thorough investigation. Mr Waipora said officials responsible for this must face action.

“This incident reflects badly on the Minister for Provincial Government,” Mr Waipora said.

“It only goes to demonstrate carelessness in the preparation for such an important leader’s meeting,” he said.

Source: Solstar

Tomoko hits boat, slices it into two

A 19-FOOT bray boat powered by a 15hp engine was hit and sliced into half by MV Tomoko on Monday night – throwing all three men into sea.

Reports reaching the Solomon Star on Tuesday said the incident happened after 10pm when MV Tomoko was leaving for Ranoggah through Gizo harbour.

Reports from Gizo said the three had been drinking and partying in the boat since Monday evening.

A man in his early 40s received head injuries while two others received minor injuries from the impact of the clash.

The three were immediately rescued by another canoe and rushed to the Gizo hospital.

Gizo police yesterday confirmed the incident but declined to comment and give details, saying it’s under investigation.

Informants in Gizo said the three deliberately raced against and circled around MV Tomoko as the ship heads out of the harbour.

“The driver must have lost control during one of their next turnaround strips resulting in MV Tomoko ramming the bray boat in half,” one informant said.

Dr Allen Alepio of Gizo Hospital said two were discharged after treatment, the third was admitted.

Dr Alepio said the one admitted got head injuries and a fractured jaw.

MV Tomoko was on a special trip to Ranoggah to bring Adventist members for a weeklong camp meeting in Kukudu when the incident occurred.

Source: Solstar

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


THE High Court has reserved its ruling on the appeal jailed Central Guadalcanal MP Peter Shanel had lodged.

Shanel appealed against a nine month prison term the Magistrate imposed on him after he was found guilty of attacking a student with a knife.

Justice David Cameron heard the appeal on Monday, lodged by lawyer Andrew Radclyffe. Mr Radclyffe submitted the sentence was excessive.

He said his client was a first time offender and should only be given a short sentence.

Prosecutor Mary Chalmers of the Director of Public Prosecutions submitted that the sentence handed by the magistrate was balanced.

Ms Chalmers said the appropriate sentence for such case should have been five years in jail.

Ms Chalmers also told the court both parties have already paid compensation to each other.

She said that this took place before the matter was contested in court. Justice Cameron said he will deliver his ruling on a later date.

If the ruling goes against Shanel, he will lose his parliamentary seat.

Shanel, looking sad, was present in a packed court room on Monday, wearing a blue shirt.

Source: Solstar online


DESPITE the strike action at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji, several hundred students graduated there last Friday.

A number of local students were among them.

Some of the local students travelled to Suva with their parents and guardians to attend the graduation.

This is the first graduation ceremony for Professor Rajesh Chandra in his capacity as USP Vice Chancellor after taking up the post last month.

The ceremony also coincided with installation of a new Chancellor of the university.

Source: Solstar online

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Solomon Islands longest serving Auditor General, Mr. Augustine Fatai passed away last night.

Valekau connections on ground (Honiara) have confirmed Mr. Fatai's death but did not disclose the actual time, cause (s) and place of his death.

Mr. Fatai is the country's longest serving Auditor General. Hailed from Malaita, Mr. Fatai held the AG position for the past 20 years.

By G-Man
Valekau News Room

Monday, June 23, 2008


Telephone links to most provincial centres in the Solomon Islands, except for Gizo, are down.

Our Telekom's 318 striking workers have warned that if the strike continues more and more telecommunications systems are going to go out of service.

A statement from the striking workers said that because the ViaSat Link to most provincial centres is now down, there will be no telephone contacts with all the main provincial town centres of Auki, Malu'u, Lata, Taro, Yandina, Munda, and Taro.

Services such as the ABC Television network and One News will also be affected say the striking workers, warning that "the problem is going to get worse.

"One of the striking workers said that it is misleading for Our Telekom's Management to say that they are sabotaging the equipments as "the primary reason is the fact that Telekom equipments and systems are very sensitive and need to be manned 24 hours...which is now not the case.

"Meanwhile the 318 striking workers have pledged solidarity in their demand for their CEO's immediate removal, defying calls by the NPF Board for them to return to work.

"We will not be persuaded by any promise short of Robinson's immediate removal because the problem had been with the Telekom Board for more than one month and there is no guarantee that Telekom Board would keep their promise for Robinson to leave if we were to return to work first," the striking workers said.

The statement said that the call by Robinson for the workers to return to work is a clear admission of defeat for him in recognizing the extent of the workers solidarity, "he should accept defeat and do the sensible thing by resigning immediately," the statement reads.

Source: SoloTimes Online