Tuesday, September 16, 2008


THE High Court has reserved its ruling on the appeal jailed Central Guadalcanal MP Peter Shanel had lodged.

Shanel appealed against a nine month prison term the Magistrate imposed on him after he was found guilty of attacking a student with a knife.

Justice David Cameron heard the appeal on Monday, lodged by lawyer Andrew Radclyffe. Mr Radclyffe submitted the sentence was excessive.

He said his client was a first time offender and should only be given a short sentence.

Prosecutor Mary Chalmers of the Director of Public Prosecutions submitted that the sentence handed by the magistrate was balanced.

Ms Chalmers said the appropriate sentence for such case should have been five years in jail.

Ms Chalmers also told the court both parties have already paid compensation to each other.

She said that this took place before the matter was contested in court. Justice Cameron said he will deliver his ruling on a later date.

If the ruling goes against Shanel, he will lose his parliamentary seat.

Shanel, looking sad, was present in a packed court room on Monday, wearing a blue shirt.

Source: Solstar online

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